A Little About Michelle Cole

Michelle Cole is an international designer and corporate executive of her brand COLEFACTS. As a teenager, Michelle designed the wardrobe for a high school fashion contest and hasn’t looked back since and by using her unique creative ability she has made herself and her brand an international trademark.

Michelle is a designer who also wears many hats by volunteering her time and skills in giving back as co-founder of FACT (Fashion, Art & Creativity by Talented Students). Currently settling in New York, Michelle continues to shape and market her brand to fashion houses and various high end runway events and sits on the committee of Miss World Guyana as one of it’s executive directors.

Michelle Cole has over a decade of experience in wedding planning. Her resume of successful events has made her one of New York City’s respected event planner. Throughout the years she has worked in all aspects of the industry from creating the most beautiful gowns as a fashion designer to producing some of the memorable and unforgettable weddings.


COLEFACTS offers a wide range of designer clothing for everyone..men, women and children in sizes ranging from 0-22, we also offer, Wardrobe Management, Makeovers, Wedding Planning, Carnival Design, Styling and a range of shoes and accessories, we cater to all your fashion needs.

You can also call 347-450-1038 to make an appointment to meet the designer to discuss your one of a kind outfit for that special occasion such as pageantry or a wedding gown ….so come Discover the FACTS…Experience the COLEFACTS.

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